Reason 1

Our trial process We offer our clients the chance to take us and the iMRS system for a trial before they buy. Our trial process is built around your needs and we are on hand to guide you, so you get the most benefit from using low level PEMF therapy.

Reason 2

Our expertise We have a team of medical professionals, each with well over 10,000 hours of clinical experience to draw on. We also regularly consult with other leading experts in the fields of orthodox, alternative and energy medicine. Our team are experts in the management of pain and musculoskeletal disorders, plus have extensive knowledge across a broad range of health conditions and health related subjects.

Reason 3

Our PEMF therapy system choice We have chosen the iMRS system because it is the world leading PEMF therapy device for home use.

Reason 4

Our customer service Our customer service team take pride in building close relationships with our clients and providing outstanding levels of support. We serve hundreds of clients in this way, from all around the world.

Reason 5

Our iMRS training program If you choose to purchase an iMRS system following your trial, our training program will show you how the iMRS system can improve your energy levels and play a fundamental role in helping you to maintain good health for the long term. It will also show you in greater depth how the iMRS can help your pain, improve your stress levels and manage your sleep patterns. In addition, our training program has been designed to show you how the iMRS system can play a key supportive role if you are suffering from a particular health condition.

Questions about buying iMRS? Speak to the experts.
Email us at or call 01454 610555.


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