The iMRS system has the potential to deliver many health benefits, plus play a crucial supportive role in your quest to improve your overall long term wellbeing. If you are considering buying the iMRS system you are about to make a very wise choice. Make sure you avoid these 7 common mistakes in order to get the most out of the world leading PEMF therapy device for home use.

(Remember to always consult the iMRS Operators’s Guide before you first use the iMRS system).

Mistake 1

Not considering electronic interference: For best results and to ensure that your body receives the purest PEMF signal, make sure that you use the iMRS system in an environment free from other electronic devices. Take a well earned break from those emails!

Mistake 2

Not lying on the body mat correctly: When using the iMRS whole body applicator mat, always ensure that your head is placed at the cable end for each session. This is important because the mat is configured to reflect the way that your body experiences the earth’s magnetic field, with the intensity slightly stronger at the feet end rather than at the head end of the mat. It can be either way up as the electromagnetic field is emitted from both sides of the mat.

Mistake 3

Not keeping hydrated: This is crucial to the effectiveness of PEMF therapy and often misunderstood. The effectiveness of PEMF therapy is greatly enhanced if the tissues in your body are well hydrated so aim to drink 2 glasses of water 15-30 minutes BEFORE each PEMF therapy session, and a total of 6-8 glasses per day. Not all water is the same and many users report even greater benefits when using water with superior molecular configuration. The combination of PEMF therapy with ‘Redox Signaling Molecules’ is also an interesting topic that will be the subject of a future EMPpad blog.

Mistake 4

Not using the applicators correctly: It is best to use the whole body mat first and local applicators second. If you have a local site of pain or injury, remember to first use the whole body mat applicator to activate the body-wide effects of PEMF therapy. Then follow with either the pillow or probe applicator to address the local problem area. Make sure to read this blog for further details regarding best use of the iMRS applicators.

Mistake 5

Not considering appropriate supplementation and nutrition: Public interest continues to grow in many areas of nutrition, with a dramatic rise in interest in the Vegan diet in particular in recent years. Remember to consider the importance of your your diet when using PEMF therapy as it works with the ingredients that you add to your body, and can be significantly enhanced by ensuring high quality nutritional intake. The benefits of PEMF therapy can also be facilitated by taking appropriate daily supplementation when required. We recommend the following to our clients:

  1. 1000 IU/day of Vitamin D3.
  2. 1000mg of Omega 3, 1-2 times daily.
  3. 350-500 mg/day of Magnesium Citrate.
  4. A good quality Multi-Vitamin.

Mistake 6

Not being aware of the contraindications: 

You should NOT use the iMRS system if any of the following applies to you:

  • During pregnancy.
  • If you have a pacemaker, or any other electrical device fitted.
  • Following organ transplant.
  • Epilepsy.

We always recommend that you consult a doctor before using the iMRS system if you are suffering from:

  • Tumour illnesses.
  • Serious fungal or bacterial infection.
  • Persistent high fever.
  •  Serious cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Acute attacks of hyperthyroidism.

Mistake 7

Not giving it time: Whilst many of our clients do report fast results, expect it to take approximately 2-6 weeks to start to notice the health benefits of using the iMRS system. Low frequency and intensity PEMF acts as a regulatory therapy, working with your body to restore an appropriate balance. If you have had symptoms for some time it may take a little while to feel the full effects of PEMF therapy, but it is certainly worth it. This is a long term investment in your health, not just a temporary “quick fix”.

Avoid these 7 mistakes to ensure that you get the most out of using your iMRS system. For further details regarding the many benefits of low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy please visit 


  1. Is it wise to use the Probe along the right side of the neck where the Vagus nerve is, or is it better to use the Pad on the stomach?
    Also, is it okay to use the Mat (IMRS) 4 times a day?
    8:00, 12:00, 20:00, 23:00?

    • Thank you for your question Susan. It is fine to use the probe at known anatomical landmarks for the vagus nerve such as in the neck. However, I more frequently advise our clients to use the pillow applicator on to the abdomen immediately following a session on the iMRS whole body applicator mat. This can work especially well as the triple sawtooth waveform utilised by the applicator mat can influence the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system and help to promote body wide repair processes, prior to using the pillow or probe on a more localised region.

      You may also find the following EMPpad blog helpful:

      I generally advise using the iMRS whole body applicator mat up to three times per day as the effects of each PEMF therapy session last 4-6 hours. Depending on what you wish to achieve, it can work well to base a daily routine around morning and night frequency sessions, with the addition of either noon (to help improve energy) or evening frequency (to assist with relaxation and sleep patterns) as a third session during the day. This pattern can then be adapted as required.


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