Sleep is important to our health. Very important. Yet while experts agree that getting good quality sleep is vital, we simply do not get enough of it. In fact, nearly half of us are getting just six hours sleep or less a night, and an alarming four out of five people complain of disturbed or inadequate sleep.

The pace of modern life is often cited as a major contributor to the reduced quality of our sleep that we experience, with the abundant use of smartphones, computers and late night television ensuring that we are not good at switching off when we need to. Research has shown that there are numerous health problems linked to poor quality sleep, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes, so we really should all take measures to improve the way we manage our sleep.

PEMF therapy and Sleep

Suffering from Insomnia

Low level PEMF therapy, such as delivered by the iMRS system, can help. Studies have shown that PEMF therapy can improve sleep by stimulating the hypothalamus, which controls circadian and sleep rhythms, and can also help to increase slow wave sleep activity, the most important and restorative part of non REM sleep.

There are additional benefits to using low level PEMF therapy that can also enhance our quality of sleep. These include reduced muscle tension, improvements in circulation, and decreased stress levels; PEMF therapy can induce a relaxation effect upon the nervous system, helping to ‘entrain’ brainwave and autonomic nervous system activity into a calmer state when used prior to sleep.

One such study which has highlighted the benefits of PEMF therapy on sleep was carried out by Pelka (2001), who conducted a four week double blind study using 101 participants. 70% of the PEMF therapy group reported greatly significant improvement in quality of sleep, as opposed to just 2% of the control group reporting the same finding.

You can read the abstract of this research here:


What do our EMPpad clients say?

“I have been using the EMPpad for around six months now, and have noticed definite improvements in my sleep patterns. As a commercial long haul pilot for a leading airline, I’m regularly in the wrong time zone or trying to catch snippets of sleep. Readjusting to local time and a normal sleep pattern on return for my days off has always been quite challenging, significantly affecting the quality of time I have off with my family. Since using the pad my sleep has been longer, with less wakeful periods in the night, helping me enjoy my time off more – and be less of a bear to my family!”

Alastair, Reigate.

“I have been using the EMPpad system for around 5 months, my work involves extensive and frequent international travel and I take the system with me wherever I go. I have noticed subtle but sustained increases in my energy levels and greatly improved sleep, I find this especially helpful when trying to beat jet lag on long haul trips.”

Stephen Tulba, Bradford on Avon.

“I also noticed improvement in my sleep, which is something that has been disrupted for a long time.”

Natasza Telfer, UK.

“Yet another benefit I feel I must mention is that I sleep so much better now having been a very light sleeper who woke up several times a night, and now no longer fall asleep on the sofa at 9pm!”

Judy Connor, Retired Music Business Management.



EMPpad settings to help improve your sleep:

So how do we suggest you use the iMRS system to help improve the quality of your sleep? Follow these EMPpad settings below, aiming for 3 sessions per day. Make sure you also read 10 essential tips for using the iMRS to help you get the most from your device.

Morning session:
‘Morning’ frequency, 10-50 intensity, 8 minutes.

Evening session:
‘Evening’ frequency, 10-25 intensity, 8 minutes. (Approximately 4 hours prior to bed).

Night session:
‘Night’ frequency, 10 intensity, 16-24 minutes. (Use immediately prior to bed).

Regular use of low level PEMF therapy has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. To find out how the world leading iMRS system can help you achieve this, please visit


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