We are delighted to be able to introduce EMPpad talks. We have spent the last two years presenting to health journalists and obtaining in depth reviews to help others make an informed decision about the health benefits of the EMPpad. If you would like us to talk to your group or organisation, please apply here. Terms and conditions apply but all applications are welcome and will be considered.


If you would like to invite your friends to join you at your own EMPpad talk, please get in touch. Once we have discussed it further, our web design team can provide a personalised invite email or EMPpad Talk sign-up page for you to pass on.
Email us at enquiries@emppad.com to find out more.

Minimum group number of 10 required (unless otherwise agreed). Location restrictions may apply. We do not charge for EMPpad talks, we simply ask for you to provide the location and that all minimum requirements are fulfilled, eg. Easy access to power outlets, enough chairs for attendees, suitable area/wall for presentation projection, restroom facilities on-site, facilities for refreshments at the venue or nearby etc.