The lowdown on EMPpad’s founders
For this month we share our story of how it all began and also highlight the very popular try EMPpad before you buy facility that we offer.

Our story. Where it all began…

Read the EMPpad story and discover why Steve and I founded EMPpad.
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try before you buy
Try before You Buy!

Try before You Buy!

We are very proud of the fact that such a high percentage of those who take an EMPpad iMRS trial choose to become long term EMPpad iMRS users and go on to experience life changing benefits. Just read some of our user comments on

EMPpad EquineEMPpad Equine

EMPpad Equine are passionate about revolutionising equine healthcare, believing in a proactive approach; providing clients with a natural, long term and preventive equine health solution.
Find out more at the EMPpad Equine website.

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