EMPpad begins the year with their ‘A New Year, a New You’ Campaign.

There has never been a better time to begin using the EMPpad iMRS system and dramatically improve your state of health and quality of life.

EMPpad’s first newsletter of 2017 begins with a truly heart warming testimonial. Read and share Natasza’s story, published in full in January EMPulse. This story serves as yet another great example of the natural pain relieving benefits that low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy can provide.

Other features for January…

The New Home for Omnium1-
EMPpad Lifestyle coming soon!

Very soon EMPpad will be launching a new website – EMPpad Lifestyle, which will be the new home for the Omnium1 and Omni- range of PEMF products. The team has taken the decision to relocate the Omnium1 because it uses a portable tablet interface and is intentionally positioned as a lifestyle and wellness product. It is not a medical product like the iMRS system and this move will ensure that this is made as clear as possible for all customers and clients.

EMPpad Network

Become an EMPpad distributor – why not join the growing EMPpad sales network. Click here to enquire about joining the team!

EMPpad Talks

Would you like to arrange a talk or event to learn about EMPpad and the benefits of PEMF therapy? Get in contact with the team here to discuss your requirements and find out how EMPpad and PEMF therapy can help your group or organisation.


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EMPulse Newsletter for the EMPpad community – January 2017

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