Great response to our first ever EMPulse!
We had a very positive response from the launch of our newsletter. We are always very grateful to those who recommend EMPpad to others and in this month’s newsletter we are introducing a new refer a friend scheme to reflect this…
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This Month’s Features

Grant Harrold, The Royal Butler on life with his EMPpad

We would like to say a big thank you to Grant Harrold, The Royal Butler, for sending us his #myemppad video. If you haven’t yet seen it you can find it on

EMPpad InFocus

This month we publish Jane Robinson’s story of her EMPpad experience.
View the newsletter to read excerpts from her story.

EMPpad TechTips

This month, Steven Harper provides a step by step approach on how to successfully update your Omnium1 tablet, exclusively at

£50 John Lewis Giveaway!

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