EMPulse November is flying high as EMPpad features in this month’s EasyJet inflight magazine. If you are taking a flight be sure not to miss out!
Read the newsletter to discover the latest research from the European Journal of Pain, demonstrating why brain entrainment technology can help with the management of pain.

October Features

Brainwave Entrainment and pain relief

EMPulse looks at exciting new research published this month in the European Journal of Pain demonstrating the pain relieving properties of brainwave entrainment technology.
Read October’s newsletter to find out more and view the neuroscience article article too!

Coming up…
EMPpad Equine at the London Vet Show 2016

EMPpad will be showcasing the new Equine PEMF therapy system at the London Vet Show this November…
Look out for a blog post about the show soon!


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