In this month’s EMPulse, the team explore relaxation and stress relief. In particular they look at the EMPpad iMORE – an essential option for EMPpad iMRS customers.
The negative effects of stress are all too often prevalent in work related situations and Stephen Tulba tells his story in the September newsletter about how the EMPpad has helped him cope with the demands of his work and travelling all over the globe.

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Other fEMPpad iMOREeatures this September:

The EMPpad iMORE

The iMORE (interactive MOnitoring and REgulation) is capable of enhancing the way your body copes with the negative effects of stress.

The iMORE is available to purchase from our online shop. It can also be rented as part of an EMPpad trial.

Test the EMPpad iMORE and EMPpad iMRS today

If you are not already using the EMPpad, why not put it to the test and take a trial here. The trial is free. All that’s required is a deposit payment upfront which is refundable after the trial period is completed.


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