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Electromagnetic energy is the essential, elementary force through which all have species evolved over time.
Many animals utilise the Earth’s magnetic field for things such navigation and hunting and there are numerous species that are equipped with sensitive organ systems to detect even the weakest of electromagnetic fields.

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EMPpad iMRS Equine system includes the control unit, curtain applicators ( pair ), leg applicators ( pair ) and...

Unfortunately, today animals are suffering from ever increasing negative changes within our environment and because of this are developing adaptation problems. The rise of toxic substances affecting the air, diminishing quality of their food and the high exposure to man made frequencies (AKA electro-smog) are causing a negative influence on the organic systems of some animals.

Wi-Fi, GSM, Microwaves and GPS are all overriding the natural and pure information content of the Earth’s magnetic field.

10 reasons EMPpad Equine PEMF therapy is the perfect fit for your horse

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This can result in animals becoming disoriented and can even suffer from a variety of disorders and character changes, which leads to all kinds of disease patterns.

With the help of a specific, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) that the EMPpad Equine provides, which is within the intensity and frequency range of the earth’s magnetic field, we are able to effectively and gently correct these imbalances.

Benefits Include:

Supportive with a Wide Range of Disease Patterns

Deepening of Breathing

Improvement of Regeneration & Relaxation

Support of Healing Processes

Activation of Metabolic Processes & Overall Vitality

Performance Enhancement

The EMPpad Equine System

EMPpad Equine is the ground-breaking new technology combining the world’s most advanced Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) device with a range of add-on accessories that are interchangeable and allow the same PEMF unit to be used by owners, riders and trainers on themselves as well on their horses as an highly effective recovery aid and performance enhancer. The EMPpad Equine is available to purchase now exclusively via our online store and its arrival signals an interesting and cost-effective new way for horse owners to start benefiting from the same powerful PEMF programs that have been used successfully on their horses for decades.

Regular use of the EMPpad can have long lasting and life changing health benefits for people including boosted energy, reduced stress and depression, relief from pain and improved sports performance – all for using the EMPpad from just 8 mins twice a day for a few weeks. From lame horses to those working and performing at the top of their game, it’s well documented that PEMF therapy is a highly effective intervention for animals that are recovering from injury, helping them heal and rehabilitate quicker and better. While for horses already in good health PEMF offers an all-important boost that can take them closer to reaching their full potential and also protect them from increased exposure to harmful electrosmog.

he horse is automatically and non-intrusively exposed to the applied pulsed electromagnetic field via our unique curtain applicators which can be easily hung within a stable using the simple suspensory eyelets. The additional two-leg applicators supplied with the EMPpad Equine offer a more specific, local application for the lower parts of the horse. Because EMPpad iMRS Equine does not require the whole body applicator to cover or be in contact with the horse in order for it to be effective, it provides a practical, gentle and stress-free experience for the animals.

Now, the launch of EMPpad Equine sees an exciting development in the technology whereby horse owners and riders are able to benefit from a personalised PEMF treatment from the same device that they are using on their animals.


Equine Complete banner

iMRS Equine Complete

EMPpad iMRS Equine system includes the control unit, curtain applicators ( pair ), leg applicators ( pair ) and...