PEMFFrequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of PEMF technology?

Regardless of your state of health, stress or fitness EMPpad PEMF technology can provide the following health benefits:

Improved Injury Recovery • Improved Sleep • Reduced muscle Tension
• Improved Circulation • Stimulates the Immune System
Improved Cell Function • Reduce Stress • Reduce Inflammation
Regenerate Tissue

What should I feel?

This depends on your age and the state of your health. Some people may feel a warming sensation around areas of dysfunction. Acute conditions may respond relatively quickly, whereas longer term conditions may take more time to respond. Setting the right PEMF intensity for the time of day is important in order to receive the optimum benefits of EMPpad PEMF therapy. As a general rule higher intensities can be used in the morning and lower intensities should be used at night, prior to sleep.

How long does it take to feel benefits?

This depends on the nature of the problem. Acute/short term conditions can respond quickly but longer term conditions may take more time to resolve. Most people report greater energy and improved sleep relatively quickly. Further benefits will depend on the state of overall health, age and other related issues that you may be suffering from. The intensity and frequency of use of the EMPpad PEMF device will have a significant bearing on the overall benefits you will feel. We recommend a minimum of 8 minutes use, 2-3 times per day, in order to gain the maximum benefits from your PEMF treatment. The effects of EMPpad PEMF therapy can be seen as similar to brushing your teeth, where the benefits come from regular brushing for a short time twice a day, allowing the benefits to accumulate, rather than for a long time once a week.

What effect does PEMF have on the body?

PEMF therapy has an effect on the cell membrane, energising it and creating cellular resonance. This allows the cells to vibrate in co-ordination with each other, developing greater communication between cells and allowing them to work together more efficiently. PEMF therapy stimulates the synthesis of certain protective proteins enabling the cell to repair and regenerate. When used in conjunction with the brain entrainment application it can activate the relaxing effects of the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and improving sleep, which is when our healing is most effective.

Are there any negative side effects from using PEMF therapy?

There are no documented negative effects to using EMPpad PEMF technology. This is because the technology operates within the frequency range that is similar to the Earth’s magnetic field. This frequency range has been described as the “biological window” of the body and creates the most effective response to the PEMF impulse. It is possible that some temporary discomfort will be experienced at the site of unresolved injury, when using EMPpad. However, this will resolve as the old injury responds to the PEMF therapy. It is important to note that it is not possible to overdose with EMPpad PEMF therapy. However, you may not experience additional health benefits by using it more than the recommended 2-3 times per day. The effects of each treatment can last for several hours. This is especially helpful for improving quality of sleep.

That are the contraindications to using the EMPpad?

You should not use any PEMF device if you have the following conditions:

  • During Pregnancy
  • If you have a Pace maker, or any other electrical device fitted
  • Following Organ Transplant

It is best to consult a doctor before using any PEMF device if you suffer from:

  • Epilepsy
  • Serious fungal or bacterial infection
  • Persistent high fever

Do I need to consult my GP?

It is always advisable to consult your GP if your are suffering any undiagnosed pain or health condition. It may be a good idea to inform your GP that you are treating yourself with PEMF therapy to keep them up to date with your treatment. However, your doctor may not have a great deal of knowledge regarding the potential health benefits unless they specialise in musculo-skeletal conditions and are also familiar with PEMF therapy.

How does the EMPpad differ from static magnets?

Static magnets transmit a static field whilst the EMPpad transmits a pulsed electromagnetic field which continually stimulates the body’s cells. With static magnets cells will respond initially but in the long term they will become habituated to the magnetic signal, therefore reducing any potential healing effects they may produce.

How often do I need to use the EMPpad?

In order to obtain the best results from EMPpad PEMF therapy it is recommended that you use the device once in the morning and again in the evening. However, chronic problems may require a further one to two treatments during the day to help stimulate the response in the cells required to start the healing process. We use the example of brushing your teeth. To obtain the greatest benefit it is preferable to brush for a short time twice a day. If you only brushed once but for the same collective length of time for the week, you wouldn’t receive the same benefits.

Can PEMF be used with other treatment therapies?

There are no known contraindications when using PEMF therapy in conjunction with other therapies. In fact it will actually enhance the body’s ability to repair itself and will, therefore, compliment the other therapy and make it more effective. PEMF therapy can be safely used in conjunction with osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic treatments, in order to help improve your response to these treatments.

Do I have to lie directly on the EMPpad or can I put a blanket over it?

Yes you can travel with the EMPpad but as it is an electromagnetic emitting device you are not permitted to use the applicator mat on an aircraft. However, you may use the brain entrainment application together with the control unit (when the pilot allows electrical devices to be switched on) to help relax your nervous system and aid sleep on the plane if you wish. There is also a travel bag that can be purchased for the EMPpad.

Does the EMPpad iMRS produce any smells that may cause a reaction in some people?

The EMPpad iMRS is comprised of some synthetic materials, like most electrical devices, and may give off an ‘out of the box smell’ which some sensitive people may react to. If this does occur, we recommend wrapping the EMPpad iMRS in a duvet or blanket and keeping it in a spare room to air out for the first few months. You can still use the EMPpad iMRS as normal but this will give the smell time to dissipate to levels that you should no longer react to.

The EMPpad iMRS carries CE certification which shows it is approved for medical use in accordance with EU directives and are approved for safe indoor use under EU regulations. The EMPpad iMRS is an EU class 2a certified medical device.

How can I order the EMPpad?

You can order the EMPpad directly by calling our sales team on 01454 610555. The EMPpad is delivered directly from Germany and will take approximately 3-4 working days to arrive.

How easy is it to operate? Do I require training to work the device?

The EMPpad is very simple to work. We simply require you to watch our online tutorials, which explain how to operate your EMPpad, as soon as you receive your device. These videos will take you through the set up process and explain how to alter the settings to produce programmes that are specifically designed to suit you. After you have watched the videos it will be possible to download the warranty form for the device. It is necessary to complete this form and send it to the manufacturer, in order to validate your 3 year warranty for the product.


The information contained on this site is designed for informative purposes only. This website does not claim that all individuals will obtain health benefits from the use of PEMF therapy. The studies quoted demonstrate that the participants of the study experienced health benefits from using a PEMF device. However, this may not be the same for each individual.

If you suffer from, or suspect that you have a medical condition, it is always advised that you seek a diagnosis from your doctor. If you are using PEMF therapy in conjunction with other treatments we recommend that you keep up to date with the medication that you are taking and regularly monitor the dosage of this medication with your doctor. You are still required to discuss all medical conditions with your doctor first, particularly those that may require further investigation or diagnosis. The information on this site has not been assessed by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This information should not be considered as complete for the health conditions mentioned on this site and should not be construed as healthcare advice.

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