Cells are the building blocks of life. The health of every one of us is governed by the health of our cells. There is no escaping this. Our cells are constantly subjected to stress, be it physical, emotional or energetic, pushing them towards a state of dysfunction and ultimately disease. Keeping the trillions of cells within our body in a healthy state is not a passive process and requires an active intervention. PEMF therapy can do just this and when delivered at the right frequency and intensity, can play a hugely significant role in keeping our cells healthy.

Resonance and the ‘biological window’:
Two crucial points to consider before we go any further are the concepts of resonance and the ‘Biological Window’.

Cell ResonanceDiscovered by Galileo Galilei in 1602 while studying pendulums, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with maximum amplitude, at certain frequencies. A playground swing, which acts as a pendulum, is a good example of a resonance frequency. If you push a child on a swing in time with the natural interval of the swing, the swing will go higher and higher. However, pushing at any other time will interfere with the swing and it will go lower or even stop all together. When the swing is pushed in phase or “in resonance”, the energy it absorbs is maximised allowing it to reach its maximum amplitude or highest point. This concept can similarly be applied to the cells within the human body, which can be seen to vibrate or oscillate in video footage when red blood cells travel through vessels under high magnification. When electromagnetic impulses of the appropriate frequency are applied this can result in a process called cellular resonance, with vibration of the cell occurring at maximum amplitude. When this occurs, the resulting stimulation of the cell’s membrane receptors activates a variety of functions within the cell, accounting for the widespread benefits of PEMF therapy.

Further to this, research carried out by Adey and Bawin (1976), Blackman and colleagues (1979) and Goodman and Blank (1998) has shown that there is a ‘biological window’ of very low level electromagnetic frequency and intensity values which produce this effect within the cell. It is perhaps not surprising that these values are therefore replicated in the technology of the most effective PEMF systems available for home use. Outside of these values, not only are the beneficial effects downgraded, they can actually become harmful. This is most easily demonstrated today in our modern electronic environment, where we are seeing mounting evidence of the negative health effects of mobile phones, smart meters and WIFI.

Now we have covered the principles of resonance and the ‘biological window’, we can now concentrate on the five fundamental biological processes which are activated by low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy:

1. The receptor effect
Cells possess receptors to ensure that they receive the correct information, at the time they need it. It can be helpful to consider these molecule receptors as the ‘lock’ to the cell. When the right ‘key’ comes along (known as a primary messenger) in the form of hormones, enzymes, or an electromagnetic signal, the cell becomes activated and a secondary messenger instructs the cell to increase its function. It is now widely accepted that electromagnetic communication occurs throughout the body, accounting for speeds of reaction time and movement that simply would not be possible via traditional, ‘lock and key’ methods of cellular communication.

2. The secondary messengers
– Calcium:
Calcium ions are the most important messenger substance within our bodies. The concentration of calcium ions outside the cell is 1000 greater than within the cell. If a cell becomes excited by a nerve impulse, hormone, or electromagnetic field, the ion channels open up within the wall of the cell, much like pipes within a dam. This in effect floods the cell with calcium, alongside other ions, and triggers appropriate reactions within the cell. These include:

  • Converting nerve impulses into muscle activity.
  • The release of hormones.
  • The activity of enzymes.
  • The inhibition of inflammation, together with anti-allergenic effects.
  • Intracellular calcium also activates the secondary messenger substance known as cAMP.

– Cyclo-AMP (cAMP):
cAMP is capable of carrying many different types of message within the cell and can therefore instruct various processes to be carried out. These include:

• Increasing protein synthesis – which helps to ensure this substance is available for muscles and connective tissues within the body.

Cell differentiation –  which acts to design the interior of the cell, allowing it to perform different functions.

• mRNA- and DNA synthesis – which enables cells to become renewed more efficiently.

3. ATP synthesis
ATP is the universal fuel in our body. When the body is subjected to an electromagnetic field this places a greatly increased demand on the ion channels of the cell for a short period of time. To cope with this, the cell produces more fuel, in the form of ATP. This increased ATP production does not naturally receive a stop message once the stimulus to the ion channels has reduced. Therefore, research has consistently shown that after as a little as 8 minutes PEMF therapy, there is more ATP available to the cell than before, and consequently more energy for it to function.

4. DNA and mRNA synthesis
Electromagnetic fields have been shown to increase DNA and mRNA synthesis within bone cells. Enhanced DNA and mRNA synthesis, as a result of PEMF therapy, can enable tissue regeneration to take place.

5. Cell multiplication 
It is important to note that PEMF therapy does not universally stimulate the immune system. However, increased proliferation of lymphocytes, which play a crucial role in the function of the immune system, has been observed. This is particularly the case in older individuals using regular PEMF therapy.

Cell Multiplication Mitosis

PEMF therapy targets the cells within the body at a deep, regulatory level. When delivered at the right frequency and intensity, the profound benefits that can result from daily use are the consequence of complex and diverse processes. However, ultimately the message is simple; if our cells are healthy, we are healthy.

To find out more about the health benefits of low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy and the work that we do at EMPpad please visit www.emppad.com.


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