As humans, we are designed to conserve energy wherever possible for survival, and our bodies are always looking for the path of least resistance. Our default state is lazy.

However, there are times when we just can’t take a chance on our energy levels, when we simply must be at our best. So, what can we do to boost our energy levels naturally, consistently, and for the long term, allowing us to raise our game when we need it most; for that gym session, meeting, match or presentation.

It’s possible, and this is where low level PEMF therapy comes in.

Low level PEMF therapy can provide a natural energy boost, whenever you need it…

When used in the right way, low level PEMF therapy has the potential to supercharge energy levels in a sustainable way, delivering a ‘clean’ type of energy without the unwanted side effects of many of the traditional things we rely on to boost our energy, such as sugar or caffeine. Lets take a look at why PEMF therapy can improve our energy.

It’s about the cell

Research has consistently shown that after as a little as 8 minutes low level PEMF therapy, there is an increased production of the cell’s energy source (ATP) and consequently more energy available to the cells within the body than before. With more fuel for our cells, we have more energy to function.

There are of course other ways to help boost energy levels, and the beauty of PEMF therapy is it can work alongside these, to FULLY optimise energy levels at the time we need it most, maximising the level of our performance.

Energy as THE currency

No matter how hard we try we cannot influence the amount of time we have in a day. We cannot buy more time, or slow the passage of time. But… with low level PEMF therapy we can influence our energy levels, and consequently how much we achieve with our time.

With good levels of energy, we can achieve more of what we want do, whatever that may be. And we can do it better. We can improve our performance, both physically and mentally.

Know your energy cycles

We are not machines that function at the same level throughout the day. Our energy levels fluctuate, with peaks and troughs that determine whether we can focus and perform or whether we need to take a break. This fluctuation in energy tends to follow a 90 minute cycle, described as the Ultradian rhythm, and it varies in all of us. Although these fluctuations in energy levels throughout the day are a natural process, we often try to override them in an attempt to achieve more. We work longer, take less breaks and as a result our stress levels inevitably increase and our sleep quality plummets. Not good ingredients for long term peak performance.

In order to achieve peak performance, we need a balance of high energy with appropriate rest and recovery. There is no escaping this. Here are four ways we can use low level PEMF therapy to work with our natural energy cycles, and perform at our best much more of the time:

  • Learn your energy cycles – Take a few days to track your energy levels as they naturally fluctuate. Notice the times when you are more alert, and when you are lacking in energy. As a guide, we generally fit into three categories; Larks (up early, bed early, most alert around midday), Owls (up late, bed late, most alert around 6pm) and Hummingbirds (the majority of us are somewhere in between, with either Larkish or Owlish tendencies).
  • Use PEMF to supercharge your energy levels – Once you have discovered the times when you are more alert, use PEMF therapy when your energy levels are naturally higher to give them an even greater boost. That way you will enhance your peak performance.
  • Use PEMF to support your energy dips – When you notice the times you are usually lacking in energy, you have identified the opportunity to use PEMF therapy to support these energy dips and recharge your reserves.
  • Use PEMF to manage your sleep and stress – Good quality sleep forms the foundation for an energised day. If you don’t sleep well or your stress levels are too high, your energy will be low. Make sure you use PEMF therapy to tackle these first, before you focus on PEMF for peak performance.

A note from Chinese medicine about optimising energy levels 

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Pancreas and Spleen are critical digestive organs, helping to create energy for the day ahead. The Kidneys are vitally important to the recharging process, helping to create chemical balance within the body whilst storing energy reserves.

When using low level PEMF therapy to optimise energy levels, consideration to these organ systems is especially important. The principle of first focusing on enhancing body wide cellular communication (using the iMRS BodyMat applicator), followed by a local applicator (such as the iMRS pillow applicator) to target these organs at the appropriate time of day in accordance to the traditional Chinese organ clock, can be a particularly effective approach. With this in mind, lets now take a look at the best iMRS settings to use for peak performance.

Best iMRS settings for peak performance

For long term, sustainable performance, use settings 1 and 3 daily. You can then use settings 2a and 2b as required, to either supercharge your energy levels for those important days, or to recharge your batteries on the quieter ones.

  1. BodyMat: (Shortly after waking) ‘Morning’ frequency, 50 intensity, 8 minutes. Then Pillow: (placed on left upper abdomen) to target the Pancreas and Spleen. 50 intensity, 8 minutes.

EMPpad Tip: Use this setting prior to 9am to prepare for maximum productivity between 9-11am.

2a. BodyMat: (During the day) ‘Noon’ frequency, 50-100 intensity, 8 minutes.

EMPpad Tip: Use this setting during the day to help prepare for the times when you need to be on top form. If you are familiar with your body’s energy cycles and want to further boost your performance, use this setting at the start of an energy peak to supercharge your energy levels.


2b. BodyMat: (Early evening) ‘Evening’ frequency, 25 intensity, 8 minutes. Then Pillow: (placed on the back, across lower rib cage region) to target the Kidneys. 25 intensity, 8 minutes.

EMPpad Tip: Use this setting between 5-7pm to support the dip in your energy levels and help to recharge your batteries.

3. BodyMat: (Prior to bed) Night frequency: 8 minutes. 10 intensity.

EMPpad Tip: Remember to use PEMF therapy to help improve sleep quality and manage stress levels before targeting peak performance.

With the right settings and time of use, it is possible to supercharge your energy levels and perform at your best using the iMRS system. For further tips and expert advice or to order your iMRS system, please contact us here.


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