At EMPpad Lifestyle we take pride in selecting only the most innovative healthtech products for our website. As the most advanced PEMF system in the world, the Omnium1 certainly fits our criteria. Here are our 10 essential tips for getting the most out of the system.

Remember to always consult your Omnium1 user manual prior to first using the system.

1. Care for your Omnium1

  • The Omnium1 high performance battery has been designed to become fully charged within just a couple of hours, so make sure to disconnect the charger after the battery has been charged and keep it above 20% charge level when running PEMF sessions.
  • Be sure to check for reOmnium1 OmniMatgular Omnium1 W@pp updates via the ‘Settings’ and ‘About tablet’ tabs accessible from the Omnium1 PEMF control screen.
  • Finally, make the OmniMat extra compact by folding it back to back, then into three, for efficient storing or travelling.
2. Experience pure PEMF

To receive the purest PEMF signal, use the Omnium1 in an environment free from other electronic devices. Also, run PEMF sessions without the tablet plugged into the mains.

Top tip: Remember to always keep your head at the cable end of the OmniMat.
Android logo3. Use the Android tablet functions

The Omnium1 is truly unique, combining PEMF therapy with all the functions of a regular tablet. Be sure to use them; connect to WIFI, send email, browse the web and watch videos, all from one device.
Omnium1 Travel bag4. Use PEMF on the go

The Omnium1 is a game changer. Take it wherever you go using the optional Omnium1 travel bag, and ensure you never miss the outstanding benefits of regular low level PEMF therapy.
Omnium1 OmniSpot5. Use the OmniSpot

If you suffer with problematic joints, the OmniSpot is the perfect solution. Generating a helmholtz effect by concentrating the PEMF signal in between its two copper coils, the OmniSpot is an ultra efficient PEMF applicator designed for maximum effectiveness on all localised problem areas.

Top tip: It is best to first run a whole body OmniMat session, then follow this with a local applicator targeting the problem area.
6. Add the OmniBrain

Best described as a ‘spa for your brain’, make sure to add all the benefits of brainwave entrainment to your Omnium1 PEMF experience. To find out more visit
7. Use the dynamic presets

The five Omnium1 presets are a great way to effortlessly benefit from using the Omnium1. Let it do all the work for you by selecting the preset that best suits your needs. Choose from Activation, Performance, Regeneration, Relaxation and Sleep.

Top tip: For those that prefer to do things manually, two daily sessions of 8 minutes can be very effective as follows:

  • Morning session – ‘Morning’ frequency, 10-50 intensity, 8 minutes.
  • Night session – ‘Night’ frequency, 10 intensity, 8 minutes.
8. Create bespoke programs for your entire family

The Omnium1 system allows you to create and name as many bespoke programs as you like, so your entire family can benefit from their own personalised PEMF experience. Access this via the ‘Settings’ and ‘Users’ tabs from the Omnium1 PEMF control screen.
9. Always be aware of the contraindications

You should NOT use the Omnium1 system if any of the following applies to you:

  • During pregnancy.
  • If you have a pace maker, or any other electrical device fitted.Following organ transplant.
  • Epilepsy.

Warning iconWe always recommend that you consult a doctor before using the Omnium1 system if you are suffering from:

  • Tumour illnesses.
  • Serious fungal or bacterial infection.
  • Persistent high fever.
  • Serious cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Acute attacks of hyperthyroidism.
H20 keep hydrated10. PEMF best practice

Make sure to keep hydrated when using PEMF therapy. Drink 6-8 glasses per day, with 1-2 glasses 30 minutes prior to each session. Use the Omnium1 twice a day morning and night, and truly benefit from the most advanced PEMF therapy system in the world.

Follow our 10 essential tips to get the most out of using the Omnium1 system.
To find out more visit



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