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Improve Sleep

Improved Sleep and Relaxation


Improved Sleep and Relaxation

PEMF therapy can improve sleep by stimulating the hypothalamus, which controls circadian and sleep rhythms. When applied at night it is also capable of reducing brainwave frequency by a process called entrainment, helping to cause drowsiness and keep the brain in a sleeping state for longer.

Improved Sleep

Benefits Include:

Increased slow wave sleep activity

Improved control of circadian rhythms

Improved circulation

Reduced stress & muscle tension

I have been using the EMPpad for around six months now, and have noticed definite improvements in my sleep patterns. As a commercial long haul pilot for a leading airline, I’m regularly in the wrong time zone or trying to catch snippets of sleep. Readjusting to local time and a normal sleep pattern on return for my days off has always been quite challenging, significantly affecting the quality of time I have off with my family. Since using the pad my sleep has been longer, with less wakeful periods in the night, helping me enjoy my time off more – and be less of a bear to my family!

Alastair, Reigate.

PEMF therapy increases slow wave sleep activity, which is the most important and restorative part of non REM sleep, by directly activating the serotonin system, influencing melatonin production and secretion. Melatonin is one of the most important hormones for sleep and anti-ageing. Human Growth Hormone is also vitally important and stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration. It is mainly secreted during slow wave sleep.

Sleep quality can also increase due to the relaxing effect on muscles, improvements in circulation, and decreased stress levels associated with regular PEMF therapy.

Organ Clock

When the EMPpad is used at night the biorhythm clock will automatically prepare the brain for deep, restorative sleep by stimulating theta and delta brainwaves.

I have been using the EMPpad system for around 5 months, my work involves extensive and frequent international travel and I take the system with me wherever I go. I have noticed subtle but sustained increases in my energy levels and greatly improved sleep, I find this especially helpful when trying to beat jet lag on long haul trips. The other marked improvement since I started using the system is with my overall stress levels. It was actually when I stopped using the EMPpad system for a week or so that I noticed a big spike in my stress levels and I was getting tired far more easily, thankfully this was rectified quickly when I started using the EMPpad system again. ‘You don’t realise what you have until it’s gone’, this was absolutely my experience with the EMPpad.

Stephen Tulba, Bradford on Avon.