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This month the EMPpad team look at the OmniBrain and EMPpad iSLRS goggles. These are great optional extras with the potential to help with the management of sleep.
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In this month’s Newsletter…

We talk EMPpad iSLRs and OmniBrain – A sound-light relaxation system that can best be described as a “spa for your brain.”
We also offer up some suggested settings for various times of the day. Melt away stress, deepen your relaxation and help manage your sleep – all without the use of drugs!

Alistair’s story

Continuing the sleep theme, read an EMPpad client story about how using the system helped him tackle his quality of sleep…

All in August’s EMPulse newsletter.

EMPpad Talks LecturnEMPpad Talks

Last month EMPulse introduced EMPpad Talks. The EMPpad team have spent the last two years presenting to health and sports journalists, plus obtaining in depth reviews to help others make an informed decision about the benefits of the EMPpad. If you would like us to talk to your group or organisation, please apply here.


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