Managing Stress

Managing StressAnxiety & Depression

Research suggests that one of the biggest threats to our health is stress. In order to avoid the negative effects of stress, we must be able to adapt to the demands this places upon us. Our modern fast paced lives are full of different stresses so this can be very difficult to achieve.

I first used pulsed electro-magnetism 2 years ago and it has totally changed my quality of life. I sleep better, feel more relaxed and happier, and people say I look years younger. My aim was to get super fit in the gym and I now exercise harder and for longer without any painful after effects. I would no more miss my daily session on the EMPpad than go out without getting dressed!



Benefits Include:

Reduced Muscle Tension

Improved Nervous & Endocrine System Regulation

Improved Circulation

Improved Sleep

PEMF and Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be simply defined as “paying attention to the present moment, in a non-judgemental way”. It allows us to take a step back from the fast paced lives that we now lead. Research into the effects of mindfulness has dramatically increased since 2010 and it is now recognised by the NHS as being of significant benefit in the management of anxiety and depression.

Combining the proven stress relieving health benefits of EMPpad PEMF technology with the principles of mindfulness can be an exceptionally powerful way of combating the negative effects of stress, anxiety and depression.


Electrosmog is caused by harmful high frequency signals that are produced by modern technological devices, such as mobile phones, microwaves, wifi and computers. Research has shown that this can have significant negative effects on our bodies and could be a significant contributor to our stress.

Daily use of PEMF therapy helps to protect our bodies from electrosmog by exposing us to much lower intensity and frequency signals, similar to the earth’s magnetic field, which has been shown to be beneficial to the cells of our body.

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