Selected low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy research abstracts

Sensitivity of calcium binding in cerebral tissue to weak environmental electric fields oscillating at low frequency.

Bawin SM, et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1976.

Biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

Adey WR. J Cell Biochem. 1993.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerate functional recovery of transected sciatic nerve bridged by chitosan conduit: an animal model study.

Mohammadi R, et al. Int J Surg. 2014.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerate wound healing in the skin of diabetic rats.

Goudarzi I, et al. Bioelectromagnetics. 2010.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields protect the balance between adipogenesis and osteogenesis on steroid-induced osteonecrosis of femoral head at the pre-collapse stage in rats.

Li JP, et al. Bioelectromagnetics. 2014.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields improve bone microstructure and strength in ovariectomized rats through a Wnt/Lrp5/β-catenin signaling-associated mechanism.

Jing D, et al. PLoS One. 2013.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) promote early wound healing and myofibroblast proliferation in diabetic rats.

Cheing GL, et al. Bioelectromagnetics. 2014.

Therapeutic effects of 15 Hz pulsed electromagnetic field on diabetic peripheral neuropathy in streptozotocin-treated rats.

Lei T, et al. PLoS One. 2013.

Pulsed electromagnetic field improves cardiac function in response to myocardial infarction.

Hao CN, et al. Am J Transl Res. 2014.

Low frequency and low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field exerts its antiinflammatory effect through restoration of plasma membrane calcium ATPase activity.

Selvam R, et al. Life Sci. 2007.

Optimization of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for management of arthritis in rats.

Kumar VS, et al. Bioelectromagnetics. 2005.

Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Physiological and molecular genetic effects of time-varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal cells.

T.J. Goodwin. 2009.

Pulsing electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on bio-logical systems by measuring regrowth and the induction of elevated levels of the stress protein hsp70.

A Madkan. 2009.
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Pulsed electromagnetic field elicits muscle recovery via increase of HSP70 expression after crush injury of rat skeletal muscle.

S Cheon, I Park, M Kim. 2012.

Pulsed magnetic fields accelerate cutaneous wound healing in rats.

Strauch B, Patel MK, Navarro JA, Berdichevsky M, Yu HL, Pilla AA. 2007.

Differentiation of human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells, WJ-MSCs, into chondrogenic cells in the presence of pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Esposito M, Lucariello A, Costanzo C, Fiumarella A, Giannini A, Riccardi G, Riccio I. 2013.


Microcirculatory effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Smith TL, Wong-Gibbons D, Maultsby J. 2004.

A Literature Review: The Effects of Magnetic Field Exposure on Blood Flow and Blood Vessels in the Microvasculature.

Julia C. McKay, Frank S. Prato, Alex W. Thomas. 2007.

Pulsed electromagnetic field improves cardiac function in response to myocardial infarction

Hao CN, Huang JJ, Shi YQ, Cheng XW, Li HY, Zhou L, Guo XG, Li RL, Lu W, Zhu YZ, Duan JL. 2014.

Potent Stimulation of Blood Flow in Fingers of Volunteers after Local Short-Term Treatment with Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields from a Novel Device.

Richard H. W. Funk, Lilla Knels, Antje Augstein, Rainer Marquetant, and Hermann F. Dertinger. 2014.

Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) on infarct size and inflammation after cerebral ischemia in mice.

Pena-Philippides JC, Yang Y, Bragina O, Hagberg S, Nemoto E, Roitbak T. 2014.

Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on prostate volume and vascularity in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: a pilot study in a canine model.

Leoci R, Aiudi G, Silvestre F, Lissner E, Lacalandra GM. 2014.


Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on patients’ recovery after arthroscopic surgery: prospective, randomized and double-blind study.

Zorzi C, Dall’Oca C, Cadossi R, Setti S. 2007.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields after arthroscopic treatment for osteochondral defects of the talus: double-blindrandomized controlled multicenter trial.

van Bergen CJ, Blankevoort L, de Haan RJ, Sierevelt IN, Meuffels DE, d’Hooghe PR, Krips R, van Damme G, van Dijk CN. 2009.

The effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and cervical spine. Report of randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trials.

Trock DH, Bollet AJ, Markoll R. 1994.

Magnetic pulse treatment for knee osteoarthritis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

Pipitone N, Scott DL. 2001.

A double-blind trial of the clinical effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields in osteoarthritis.

Trock DH, Bollet AJ, Dyer RH Jr, Fielding LP, Miner WK, Markoll R. 1993.

A double-blind trial of pulsed electromagnetic fields for delayed union of tibial fractures.

Sharrard WJ.1990.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for management of osteoarthritis-related pain, stiffness and physical function: clinical experience in the elderly.

Iannitti T, Fistetto G, Esposito A, Rottigni V, Palmieri B. 2013.


Exposure to a specific pulsed low-frequency magnetic field: a double-blind placebo-controlled study of effects on pain ratings in rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia patients.

Shupak NM, McKay JC, Nielson WR, Rollman GB, Prato FS, Thomas AW 2006.

Evidence-based use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in clinical plastic surgery.

em>Strauch B, Herman C, Dabb R, Ignarro LJ, Pilla AA. 2009.

Electrochemical therapy of pelvic pain: effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on tissue trauma.

Jorgensen WA, Frome BM, Wallach C. 1994.

Analgesic properties of electromagnetic field therapy in patients with chronic pelvic pain.

Varcaccio-Garofalo G, Carriero C, Loizzo MR, Amoruso S, Loizzi P. 1995.

Non-invasive electromagnetic field therapy produces rapid and substantial pain reduction in early knee osteoarthritis: a randomized double-blind pilot study.

Nelson FR1, Zvirbulis R, Pilla AA. 2013.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Dosing Regimen Impacts Pain Control in Breast Reduction Patients.

Taylor E, Hardy K, Alonso A, Pilla A, Rohde C. 2014.

A novel magnetic stimulator increases experimental pain tolerance in healthy volunteers – a double-blind sham-controlled crossover study.

Kortekaas R, van Nierop LE, Baas VG, Konopka KH, Harbers M, van der Hoeven JH, van Wijhe M, Aleman A, Maurits NM. 2013.


Does exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields produce functional changes in human brain?

Capone F, Dileone M, Profice P, Pilato F, Musumeci G, Minicuci G, Ranieri F, Cadossi R, Setti S, Tonali PA, Di Lazzaro V. 2009.

Autoradiographic Evaluation of Electomagnetic Field Effects on Serotonin (5-HT1A) Receptors in Rat Brain.

Mary T. Johnson, Jane McCullough, Gabi Nindl, Jack K. Chamberlain. 2003.

Effects of a pulsed electromagnetic therapy on multiple sclerosis fatigue and quality of life: a double-blind, placebo controlled trial.

Lappin MS, Lawrie FW, Richards TL, Kramer ED. 2003.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields potentiate neurite outgrowth in the dopaminergic MN9D cell line.

Lekhraj. 2014.

Induction of Neuritogenesis in PC12 Cells by a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field via MEK-ERK1/2 Signaling.

Tada-aki Kudo, Hiroyasu Kanetaka, Yoshinaka Shimizu, Toshihiko Abe, Hitoshi Mori, Kazumi Mori, Eizaburo Suzuki, Toshiyuki Takagi, Shin-ichi Izumi. 2013.


Pulsed electromagnetic fields increased the anti-inflammatory effect of A₂A and A₃ adenosine receptors in human T/C-28a2 chondrocytes and hFOB 1.19 osteoblasts.

Vincenzi F, Targa M, Corciulo C, Gessi S, Merighi S, Setti S, Cadossi R, Goldring MB, Borea PA, Varani K. 2013.

Characterisation of adenosine receptors in bovine chondrocytes and fibroblast-like synoviocytes exposed to low frequency low energy pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Varani K1, De Mattei M, Vincenzi F, Gessi S, Merighi S, Pellati A, Ongaro A, Caruso A, Cadossi R, Borea PA. 2008.

Effect of low frequency electromagnetic fields on A2A adenosine receptors in human neutrophils.

Varani K, Gessi S, Merighi S, Iannotta V, Cattabriga E, Spisani S, Cadossi R, Borea PA. 2002.

Alteration of A(3) adenosine receptors in human neutrophils and low frequency electromagnetic fields.

Varani K1, Gessi S, Merighi S, Iannotta V, Cattabriga E, Pancaldi C, Cadossi R, Borea PA. 2003.

Transcranial PEMF

Transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression and other psychiatric disorders.

McNamara B, Ray JL, Arthurs OJ, Boniface S. 2001.

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in major depression: relation between efficacy and stimulation intensity.

Padberg F, Zwanzger P, Keck ME, Kathmann N, Mikhaiel P, Ella R, Rupprecht P, Thoma H, Hampel H, Toschi N, Möller HJ. 2002.

The impact of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on pituitary hormone levels and cortisol in healthy subjects.

Evers S, Hengst K, Pecuch PW. 2001.


The effects of pulsing magnetic fields on pineal melatonin synthesis in a teleost fish (brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis).

Lerchl A, Zachmann A, Ali MA, Reiter RJ. 1998.

Sleep deprivation in depression stabilising antidepressant effects by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Eichhammer P, Kharraz A, Wigan R, Langguth B, Frick U, Aigner JM, Hajak G. 2002.

Brain Entrainment

Prefrontal entrainment of amygdala activity signals safety in learned fear and innate anxiety.

Likhtik E, Stujenske JM, Topiwala MA, Harris AZ, Gordon JA. 2014.

A comprehensive review of the psychological effects of brainwave entrainment.

Huang TL, Charyton C. 2008.

Brainwave entrainment for better sleep and post-sleep state of young elite soccer players – a pilot study.

Abeln V, Kleinert J, Strüder HK, Schneider S. 2014.


The anti-tumor effect of A3 adenosine receptors is potentiated by pulsed electromagnetic fields in cultured neural cancer cells.

Vincenzi F, Targa M, Corciulo C, Gessi S, Merighi S, Setti S, Cadossi R, Borea PA, Varani K. 2012.


Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system.

Havas M. 2013

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