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EMPpad in the Press

Here you will find comments, reviews, interviews and other articles on EMPpad products and services. If you have any questions about EMPpad in the media or if you are from a publication, website or media outlet and would like to find out more, we would love to hear from you. Contact us.


September 2015

Healthista Logo

  • The biggest change so far – it’s almost miraculous – is zero muscle pain… that gnawing, dragging pain post-exercise has completely gone and I am managing five workouts a week

    – Anna Magee,

May 2015

Guardian Logo

  • I used the mat during the first few weeks of fatherhood – a time when I should have been in a zombified stupor – and I surprised myself with how sprightly I felt.

    – Stuart Heritage,
    The Guardian


April 2015

High50 Logo

  • The most welcome result was the positive improvement in my hands. Ten weeks into the trial, joint pain in my knuckles and fingers all but disappeared.

    – Emma Crates,

March 2015


  •’s certainly an interesting development for runners and triathletes alike ..

    – Rob Slade,


January 2015


  • ..A four year study into PEMF found that,as well as having many health benefits – such as regulating your hormone levels, helping with inflammation and repairing tissue damage – using it twice a day for at least six weeks showed a dramatic improvement in collagen levels, circulation and the skin’s regeneration processes ..

    – Interview with Samuel Maddock,
    co-founder of EMPpad

January 2015


  • ..I’m relatively Fit and healthy and, luckily, I don’t have any muscular or ligament damage, which might have proved a sterner test. I do have a chronic sleep problem, however, and have been been following an intensive training programme, so I was interested to see how I’d feel after using it twice a day for one month…

    – Review by Matt McEvoy



October 2014


  • ..So, to recap, for 8 minutes, twice a day, you are required to lie on a mat enhanced with PEMF technology that is powered by an Android Tablet. This will help reduce stress and muscle tension, boost energy levels and shorten recovery time – all great stuff for runners…

    – Review by Jimmy Norval