EMPpad iMRS Professional Set

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EMPpad iMRS Professional Set includes everything. The control unit, whole body mat, the pillow applicator and the probe. The complete system works up to 400% intensity. This Set also includes the iSLRS Sound and light relax system and the iMORE monitoring system too.

The control unit is stylishly designed with a crystal clear blue LCD display and easy touch buttons. The complete system allows variable treatment times of 8/16/24 minutes and works with the integrated biorhythm organ clock. It has 3 memory buttons giving it the capacity to set up and store the personal settings for up to 3 users. It comes with the SD card for the complete system and has sockets available for all the applicators.

The whole body mat has 6 copper coils contained within it to provide electromagnetic pulsations to the whole body. The whole body mat provides a graduated intensity of PEMF such that the greatest intensity is at the feet and weakest at the head, mimicking our exposure to the Earth’s magnetic field. The body mat can be folded in an ‘s’ formation for easy storage and can be wipe cleaned.

The pillow applicator includes a pair of uniformly wound copper coils generating two symmetrical electromagnetic fields. The pillow applicator of the iMRS System is ideal for local application and localised pain. It is made from the same high quality materials as the body mat and can also be wipe cleaned.

The EMPpad iMRS probe applicator produces the highest intensity signal of all the other applicators. The body mat and pillow have an average output of 45 microtesla but the probe has and average out put of 300 microtesla. This is particularly useful to concentrate a high strength electromagnetic field to treat acute pain or local complaints in the body with high strength electromagnetic fields.