Our bodies are brilliantly equipped with mechanisms capable of natural self-repair. However, they can often need a helping hand. Low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy works with the body at a cellular level, to help keep these mechanisms in balance. As a result, many profound health benefits can result from using regular low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy.

Here are ten of the most important health benefits:

Assist bone repair & wound healing

1. Natural pain relief – Research has shown that PEMF therapy can trigger the natural production of endogenous opiates (endorphins), the body’s own natural pain killer. Studies carried out on mice in a zero field environment have also shown that when shielded from the Earth’s magnetic field, sensitivity to pain greatly increases, and reintroduction of even a very low level magnetic field is sufficient to prevent the increased reaction to pain. Controlled trials have demonstrated that the pain relieving potential of PEMF therapy is especially significant for the management of migraine and headaches.

2. Bone repair – When applied to bone tissue, in order to help promote healing and repair, PEMF therapy can have two main effects. Firstly, it can help to simulate the bending and pressing forces which are placed upon the bone through natural movement. This process signals bone and cartilage cells to become renewed and is known as the piezoelectric effect. Secondly, research by the institute for radiation research has shown that the cells responsible for the growth of bone (osteoblasts) are stimulated by exposure to a very low level electromagnetic field.

3. Wound healing – PEMF therapy has been shown to influence the chemistry within the body, creating a ‘current of injury’, and having a controlling effect upon tissue repair. Research has demonstrated a variety of tissue healing benefits, particularly in the case of diabetic and venous leg ulcers, where increased rate and size of wound repair has been observed following controlled PEMF therapy trials.

Help with degenerative joint conditions

4. Nerve injury repair – Extensive studies have demonstrated that after a nerve has been injured, PEMF therapy can help to significantly speed up regeneration time. T.J Goodwin’s research for NASA (2003) demonstrated the efficacy of low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy in stimulating tissue growth and regeneration, specifically of human nerve cells.

5. Improved management of degenerative joint conditions – PEMF therapy has been consistently shown to help with the management of arthritic conditions, and the effects can often be dramatic. It is generally believed that improvement in the associated muscular tension contributes significantly to this effect. Another important factor is that PEMF therapy has be shown to stimulate the function of chondrocytes, the cells responsible for cartilage production.

6. Anti-inflammatory effect – A number of studies have shown that prostaglandin production can decrease under the influence of PEMF therapy, thereby contributing to an anti-inflammatory effect within the body following trauma, surgical procedures or injury.

Help beat insomnia

7. Improved quality of sleep – Various studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy upon quality of sleep. Pelka (2001) carried out a four week double blind study using 101 participants. 70% of the PEMF therapy group reported greatly significant improvement in quality of sleep, as opposed to just 2% of the control group reporting the same finding. Studies have attributed the beneficial effect of PEMF therapy on sleep to be due to various factors, including increased melatonin and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production, as well as a relaxation effect upon the nervous system, helping to ‘entrain’ brainwave and autonomic nervous system activity into a calmer state when used prior to sleep.

8. Improved stress management – Research has shown that daily use of PEMF therapy can help to alter stress responses within the body. This can be achieved through the improved regulatory processes of key related components, including the nervous and endocrine systems, together with improved communication both within and between the cells of the body. With continued use over time, PEMF therapy can also help the body to become less reactive to prolonged episodes of stress through the application of biofeedback equipment, working to improve heart rate variability (HRV) and consequently the resilience of the autonomic nervous system.

Help reduce stress levels

9. Improved circulation – PEMF therapy has been shown to improve the microcirculation within tissues. Animal studies have shown dilation of brain cerebral blood vessels, together with a general increase in blood flow. PEMF therapy can help to promote improved circulation in two ways. Firstly, via the mechanism of increasing the amount of available nitric oxide (NO), an enzyme which controls the width of blood vessels. Secondly, via a blood vessel relaxation effect, which occurs through improved regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

10. Improved overall well-being – Research has demonstrated the potential of PEMF therapy to profoundly improve general well-being through various mechanisms. These include an increase in microcirculation within tissues, together with the ability to influence ATP synthesis and mitochondrial production by increasing levels of intracellular calcium. PEMF therapy can also help promote the synthesis of IGF-2, a specific growth hormone involved in muscular growth and the smooth appearance of skin, amongst many other things. These factors, when combined together, can offer significant anti-ageing benefits in the form of increased energy, recovery from activity or injury, and even improved physical appearance, for any individual using regular low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy.

There are many potential health benefits that can result from regular low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy. The consequential effects of enhanced body-wide cellular function and communication can provide profound, widespread and cumulative long term benefits for individuals of all ages.

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  1. […] At EMPpad we take pride in combining our extensive clinical experience as osteopaths with the application of low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy using the world leading iMRS system. Therefore, when such a complex case presents itself, we apply the same principles of clinical reasoning in order to plan and refine an effective approach. Low level PEMF therapy works with the body, not against it, and for this reason it is ideally suited to daily use, with the potential to deliver many profound health benefits. […]


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