At EMPpad we believe that with the right approach it is possible to dramatically improve a person’s state of health and quality of life. We are passionate about this and have utilised our extensive clinical experience as osteopaths over the years in our search to uncover the technology we believe can achieve this. Our mission is simple; we discover world leading innovations in health technology, to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Sam maddock OsteopathyWe set out on our journey some 10 years ago to locate a health technology that could offer genuine benefit, either one that was new to the market or that until that point, had remained relatively undiscovered by the mainstream. We had decided to do this for a number of reasons, but there was one recurring theme. At the time we were struck by the increasing number of our patients who, worried about their long term health and becoming increasingly dependent on a wide variety of medications, who would ask us if there was a way for them to become proactive and take more responsibility for their own health. Helping others was what we did for a living, so we decided to begin our quest to answer their question. 

At the time we were already aware that all the signs were pointing towards the health technology sector entering an exciting period of growth and development across the globe, so this became our focus as the most likely place to reveal an answer. Because of our osteopathic education and philosophy, we had a broad understanding of many different approaches to health and could therefore remain impartial as we carried out our search, without the need to make any one product fit our vision.  After many years of research, purchasing and testing a vast array of health products, services and technology, in addition to consulting with many other health experts from diverse backgrounds along the way, we finally discovered an approach that we believed could be what we were looking for. We took our time, and it was worth the wait.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy was, on the surface, quite different to the technology that we had been previously testing. It claimed to target the cells within the body and to provide profound, wide spread health benefits. Some PEMF systems were even specifically designed for daily use, providing regulatory and preventative benefits, rather than addressing a specific health issue. This sounded promising but as was the case with all our investigations, our scientific minds were sceptical to begin with so we set about scrutinising the good quality evidence that was available in the form of controlled trials. Interestingly, the amount of research material was impressive, and the testimonies of users around the would equally compelling. The more we looked at the research and the experiences of the many hundreds of thousands of users of this technology, the clearer it became that we had to test PEMF therapy in much greater depth.

iMRS EMPpadOnce we had arrived at our decision to test the health benefits of PEMF therapy, we needed to find the best system available. That was actually far more straightforward than our original search. There were many PEMF systems available to buy, some high intensity and frequency, others utilising much lower frequencies and intensities. There were also many manufacturers. After experimenting with many different devices, the work of Swiss Bionic Solutions (then MediConsult) clearly stood out to us for their long and successful history in a complex and competitive industry. They were the only company with their own in-house research, engineering, development, and manufacturing divisions and had become world leaders through continuous innovation over many years, in the pursuit of producing a system perfectly suited to daily home use. They had clearly achieved this with the iMRS 2000 system and the numbers were impressive to say the least – over 500,000 daily users worldwide and an incredible one billion PEMF applications per year!

What really made up our minds though was using and experiencing the benefits of the iMRS system over a prolonged period of time. We insisted that every member of our team did this. In the end we all agreed that we had found our first truly exceptional example of world leading health technology and had answered our patient’s question. Yes, there is a way that you can become proactive and take more responsibility for your health. Invest in low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy.

EMPpad was founded in 2013 by experienced osteopaths Samuel Maddock and Steve Harper.They are the only registered primary healthcare practitioners within the UK, working directly with the manufacturer of the iMRS system, Swiss Bionic Solutions.


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