At EMPpad we are passionate about helping our clients to transform their health.

We believe that with the right approach it is possible to dramatically improve a person’s state of health and quality of life. Using our extensive clinical knowledge and experience, we help our clients to achieve this. This is why we have the exclusive licence to deliver world leading PEMF technology to the UK.



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We are very proud of the fact that such a high percentage of those who take an EMPpad trial choose to become long term EMPpad users and go on to experience life changing health benefits.

We just ask you pay a refundable deposit* and cover basic shipping costs. If you have any other questions about the trial process please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Terms and conditions do apply. Please read the instructions carefully before applying.
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EMPpad Lifestyle now live!

Our new website, EMPpad Lifestyle is live. EMPpad Lifestyle is the new home for the Omnium1 system. The Omnium1 is part of our cutting edge portfolio of the latest, most innovative lifestyle related health products sourced from around the world.

Help us help you…

To help us to meet your needs we would love to hear your views. To take part and be the first to receive further details and exciting new EMPpad Lifestyle developments, together with the products that we plan to feature, please register your interest.

A new home for the Omnium1

Whilst the iMRS and Omnium1 systems feature the exact same PEMF technology, we have taken the decision to relocate the Omnium1 system as this uses a portable tablet interface and is intentionally positioned as a lifestyle and wellness product. It is not a medical product like the iMRS system and we, therefore, want to ensure that this is made as clear as possible for all our clients.


EMPpad Lifestyle Website


EMPpad Reviewed by Healthista

That gnawing, dragging pain post-exercise has completely gone and I am managing five workouts a week!


I’m struck by the increase in my energy.
The biggest change so far…it’s almost miraculous… is zero muscle pain!


I’ve stopped… and muscle pain is back!

EMPpad Reviewed by High50

The most welcome result was the positive improvement in my hands. Ten weeks into the trial, joint pain in my knuckles and fingers all but disappeared.




Who are EMPpad?

EMPpad Limited was formed in 2013 by accomplished osteopaths Samuel Maddock and Steve Harper. EMPpad provides preeminent personal health solutions combined with paramount customer care, instruction and support. Both Samuel and Steve graduated in 2003, having completed a four year honours degree at the British School of Osteopathy. Since then, Sam and Steve have been engaged in private clinical practice and during this time have worked in partnership with some of the leading osteopaths in the United Kingdom.

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EMPpad User Experiences


I have been using the EMPpad since December 2014 and almost immediately I noticed the benefits. If I am tired or run down I know it will recharge my battery’s and give me boost. I also suffer from asthma and since using the EMPpad this seems to have become less of a problem for me, I hardly use my inhalers now. The other amazing benefit I have noticed is when I get a cold – I used to be ill for days and would not be able to carry on as normal, however since using the EMPpad, if I get a cold it does not slow me down. In fact I can carry on as normal with very little symptoms and I don’t feel as tired or run down. I have also noticed when I get a mouth ulcer, which I have always been prone too since I was a kid, they seem to clear up very quickly, and in fact I don’t seem to suffer with as many as I used too. So thanks to the EMPpad my health has changed for the better and I could not imagine not using one now.

Grant Harrold, The Royal Butler.
Former Butler and member of the Royal Household of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and Personal Aide to HRH Princess Katarina.

I’m a 39 year old who has had type 1 diabetes for 30 years. I actually used the EMPpad initially for early stages of Dupuytren’s contracture as I had painful lumps appearing on the palm of my hand – probably caused by the diabetes. In the space of a week the pain in my hand started to diminish & after a couple of weeks I could stretch my hand flat again which I hadn’t been able to do for over a year. I’ve now been using the mat for 6 weeks & have just started to see a positive impact on my diabetic blood sugars as well with a significant reduction in average blood sugar results compared to pre EMPpad use.

Michelle Williams, London.

..The pattern of using it for eight minutes in the morning and again in the evening, may well have contributed to the improved pattern of sleep I enjoyed and I certainly had no real muscular issues after training heavily..

Matt McEvoy, Forever Sports Magazine.


I have been using the EMPpad for around six months now, and have noticed definite improvements in my sleep patterns. As a commercial long haul pilot for a leading airline, I’m regularly in the wrong time zone or trying to catch snippets of sleep. Readjusting to local time and a normal sleep pattern on return for my days off has always been quite challenging, significantly affecting the quality of time I have off with my family. Since using the pad my sleep has been longer, with less wakeful periods in the night, helping me enjoy my time off more – and be less of a bear to my family!

Alastair, Reigate.

I recently had foot surgery which involved my big toe and two other toes being broken in six places including the main big toe joint. The surgeon said that the recovery process would take a long time as not only did the bones have to mend but the soft tissues was also going to take time and there was a lot of swelling. I started using the EMPpad a few days after the surgery under the supervision of an osteopath and on my return to the surgeon for a check up and X-Ray he was amazed how well and how quickly the bones had knitted together. The soft tissue swelling had started to go down sooner than expected and this has to be down to the use of the EMPpad! I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I have experienced additional benefits since starting to use the Pad, for years I have suffered with lower back pain and I can honestly say that since using the Pad the pain has gone! Also, I had joint pains in my arms and one finger that ” clicked” and stuck, that has also gone! Yet another benefit I feel I must mention is that I sleep so much better now having been a very light sleeper who woke up several times a night, and now no longer fall asleep on the sofa at 9pm! I am amazed at the results this product produces and recommend it highly.

Judy Connor, Retired Music Business Management.


EMPpad Equine – Working in Harmony with Your Horse


EMPpad Equine is the ground-breaking new technology combining the world’s most advanced Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) device with a range of add-on accessories that are interchangeable and allow the same control unit to be used by owners, riders and trainers on themselves as well on their horses as an highly effective recovery aid and performance enhancer.

Visit our EMPpad Equine website…